How to adjust an existing Site Template

If a sensor is not configured correctly, then it will need adjustment. Changing the configuration is done through the azeti Control Panel.

In this How-to, we will use a temperature sensor as example.

 Example Sensor Configuration
<sensor sensor_id="Temperature">
        <expression>value &gt; 40</expression>
          <true severity="200">CRITICAL</true>
          <false severity="0">OK</false>
        <expression>value &gt; 35</expression>
          <true severity="100">WARNING</true>
      <sensor_gateway sensor_gateway_id="gw_X20AI8321_analog_inputs">

In this case we will change the rounding precision from 2 to 1, because there is no need to see the degrees in such detail.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Config/Provisioning → Sensor Templates → Site Templates
  2. Click on Edit next to the correcponding Site Template
  3. Toggle SU/Normal Mode and clkick on the +Sensors to colapse it
  4. Click on the desired sensor. In this case Temperature
  5. In the field sensor.sensor_gateway.calibration_rule.rounding_precision.value change the value to 1
  6. Toggle SU/Normal Mode and clkick on back
  7. Now the Site Template needs to be redployed for the changes to take effect → How to deploy a Site Template

Raw Result Factor is a calculated value, depending on the values we get from the I/O module and the temperature range the sensor can measure. In this case, the I/O module gives a value ranging from 0-32767. This needs to be divided by the range the temperature sensor can measure (-50-150°C).