Upload custom data

Custom data upload can be used when someone wants to add manual sensor measurements, e.g. from laboratory results or from an external system, to the database. This may include a single data point, e.g. the daily gas price, or a set of values such as lab results.

Step-by-step guide

Find all information in tickets: NOR-27, ACP-977 and AC-1430

The following guide will help you trough the custom data upload.

Data upload using interface

Data upload using API 

You may want to check the Postman guide first, as the following guide will use a custom environment with: username, password and baseUrl.
  1. Import the collection:  (in postman)
  2. Authenticate (Auth endpoint wit env data properly set up)
  3. Find your site and sensor (Using Sites and Sensors endpoints)
  4. Enable import (Enable import endpoint)
  5. Import data (Import endpoint)