How to Port Forward Webmin via SSH

SSH Port Forwarding allows to tunnel certain services running on a remote machine to a local SSH client. A great use case is to tunnel the local Webmin service through an established SSH connection. This allows you to administer your azeti Machina Gate through Webmin without being in the same local network.


Please refer to this good how-to for in depth examples and scenarios. We will focus on the use case here where an Engineer is connected through an secure OpenVPN tunnel to an azeti Machina Gate (IP: and wants to access the Webmin (HTTPS Webservice on Port 10000) of that Machina Gate.


  1. Establish a port forwarded connection and tunnel the remote port 10000 to your localhost, here azeti is the remote linux user and is the OpenVPN ip address of interface tun0 of the azeti Machina Gate

    ssh azeti@ -L 10000: -N
  2. Open your browser at https://localhost:10000 and log in with a privileged linux user