How to change the interval from a One-Wire sensor on the UniPi

Sometimes the default interval of the One-Wire sensor might be to slow. Here is a quick guide to change the value.

  1. Find the correct address of the One-Wire sensor
    [{"circuit": "1_01", "debounce": 50, "counter": 0, "value": 0, "dev": "input", "counter_mode": "disabled"}, 
    {"circuit": "1_02", "debounce": 50, "counter": 0, "value": 0, "dev": "input", "counter_mode": "disabled"}, 
    {"circuit": "1_03", "debounce": 50, "counter": 0, "value": 0, "dev": "input", "counter_mode": "disabled"}, 
    {"circuit": "1_04", "debounce": 50, "counter": 0, "value": 0, "dev": "input", "counter_mode": "disabled"}, 
    {"value": 0, "pending": false, "circuit": "1_01", "dev": "relay"}, 
    {"value": 0, "pending": false, "circuit": "1_02", "dev": "relay"}, 
    {"value": 0, "pending": false, "circuit": "1_03", "dev": "relay"}, 
    {"value": 0, "pending": false, "circuit": "1_04", "dev": "relay"}, 
    {"value": 0.028138793129200895, "circuit": "1_01", "dev": "ai"}, 
    {"value": 0.01768108541555532, "circuit": "1_02", "dev": "ai"}, 
    {"value": 0.006, "circuit": "1_01", "dev": "ao"}, 
    {"interval": 15, "value": 23.95, "circuit": "2", "address": "282B63C1070000C3", "time": 1513704665.414423, "typ": "DS18B20", "lost": false, "dev": "temp"}]
  2. The DS18B20 is our One-Wire sensor. It has the address 282B63C1070000C3. In the same line, we can see the interval being set to 15.
  3. Now we change the configuration of the UniPi itself. Open up the evok-neuron.conf file.
    sudo nano /etc/evok-neuron.conf
  4. Now add the following to the file (all the way at the bottom).

    bus = 1
    address = 282B63C1070000C3
    type = DS18B20
    interval = 1
  5. Make sure to change the address accordingly.
  6. Now just restart the required service. 

    sudo service evok restart
  7. Now the One-Wire sensor should read about every 2-3 seconds. Due to limitations, it does not read every second.


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