How to import external Site Templates

Sensor Templates are XML files, containing the complete configuration of sensors and I/O devices, but it can also contain triggerable actions and predefined rules. This How-To will show you, how to upload such a template into the Dashboard.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log into the azeti Control Panel
  2. Go to Config/Provisioning → Sensor Templates → Component Templates
  3. Click on Add and browse for the template (XML format) you wish to upload.

     Example of a Component Template

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <component_template config_version="1" schema_version="1.0">
      <description>Moxa E1240 AI</description>
      <class>AI Module</class>
            <sensor sensor_id="AI_0">
                <sensor_gateway sensor_gateway_id="gw_MOXA-1240-Inputs">
            <sensor sensor_id="AI_1">
                <sensor_gateway sensor_gateway_id="gw_MOXA-1240-Inputs">
            <device device_id="MOXA-1240">
                <modbus_device pdu_addressing="false">
                    <sensor_gateway sensor_gateway_id="gw_MOXA-1240-Inputs" publish_strategy="always">
                                    <retry retry_algorithm="linear"/>

    In production environments a Component Template should only have the configuration for one sensor or I/O device.

    Multiple Component Templates will be merged together into one Component Instance.

  4. Click on Config/Provisioning →Sensor Templates → Component Instance and click Add to create a new Component Instance
  5. Select the Component Template you would like to use
  6. Give the new Component Instance a name
  7. Now we create a new Site Template under Config/Provisioning → Sensor Templates → Site Templates

    A Component Instance can populate multiple Site Template, whereas a Site Template can only have one Component Instance. If the Component Instance is being changed, the Site Template will be changed accordingly.

  8. Click Add and give the new Site Template a name. In this example "azeti Demo Box"
  9. Now Edit the newly created Site Template
  10. Toggle SU/Normal Mode to gain SuperUser privileges
  11. Click the blue +Component button and switch to the tab Instances
  12. Here we will select the Component Instance we have created previously
  13. On the right hand side we select +add all and confirm it with the Ok button at the bottom right

    In this window it is possible to choose a Prefix name, which can be used to differentiate between multiple sensor or device configurations. These bundled configurations can then again, be removed completely. Very hand for adding a slightly different configuration, while still keeping the old one.

  14. The Site Template is now ready to deploy

Next steps

How to deploy a Site Template or if any changes are needed in the Site Template configuration, example How to configure an Action