How to trigger remote Actions directly

It is possible to trigger remote actions immediately through the azeti Dashboard. 

We will use the example of an green LED which can be triggered on and off through an defined action.

<action action_id="Switch_LED_green" device_id="dev_X20BC0087">
      <command command_id="ON">write_single_coil(10,[1])</command>
        <command command_id="OFF">write_single_coil(10,[0])</command>

This action needs to be configured in the Sensor Template and the be deployed to the according Location (See also How to deploy a Site Template).

If this action has been added to a Location, we will see a new action button in the Admin & Live table - My Organization → Locations → ExampleName

These actions are on the complete bottom of the Admin & Live table.


These actions can also be added to the Views under Views → Organization → ExampleName